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The Energy Union For You

It is the citizen, the customer, who is on the move in Europe’s energy landscape. Change is now! But what does it look like and what’s in for you? How to deliver on sustainability, while maintaining the market in power?

ENTSO-E’s 2016 Annual Conference aims to deep dive into the next steps of the Energy Union. The event is THE opportunity to compare visions on market design and implementation, the future of smart cities, the infrastructure challenge, regional cooperation with always a central question: what’s in it for the customer?

At the end of the year, the European Commission will come out with proposals to change the Third package, emphasising the customer. For ENTSO-E there is a natural priority on the implementation of network codes, the rules of the game of the European electricity market. But there is also the need to profile electricity regions and to support the active customer paradigm, together with other stakeholders, most notably with the distribution system operators.

All this happens in a politically uncertain context of limited support to the European project, post-Brexit. At the same time, Europeans citizens want to see an Energy Union, a common European energy policy.

Be part of the debate. Join us to discuss what the Energy Union means for European customers.

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