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We have got an amazing programme of thought provoking talks and panels lined up for you. The difficult bit is deciding who you are going to ask the questions to? All the information on the sessions is provided below.

The Energy Union for You: What’s in it for Europe’s citizens?

How to move the energy union from concept to tangible reality and deliver results to citizens, the economy and the industry.

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Peder Andreasen
President, ENTSO-E
Maroš Šefčovič
Vice President for the Energy Union, European Commission
Jerzy Buzek
(EPP, Poland) Chair of ITRE, European Parliament
Anca Gurzu
Energy Reporter, Politico Europe
A power struggle: The electricity market design

The European Commission will table its market design proposals by the end of the year. This panel will give a taste of what discussions we will see between the European Commission, European Council, European Parliament and stakeholders in the 18-24 months following the release of these proposals.

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Florian Ermacora
Head of Unit, European Commission
Virginie Schwarz
French Ministry for the Environment, Energy and the Sea, Director for Energy
Krišjānis Kariņš
(EPP, Latvia) Member of ITRE, European Parliament
Bente Hagem
Chair of the Board, ENTSO-E
James Watson
CEO, SolarPower Europe
Tobias Paulun
Chief Strategy Officer, European Energy Exchange AG
Frauke Thies
Executive Director, Smart Energy Demand Coalition
Leonardo Meeus
Energy Professor, Vlerick Business School and Florence School of Regulation
Regional cooperation for the Energy Union

Regions reflect all of Europe’s diversity, may it be geographic, economic or cultural. Member State cooperation at regional level is important in most policy areas. In electricity, it is indispensable: ever more renewables require ever closer cooperation politically ‐ between member States — and technically — between TSOs.

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Fabien Roques
Senior Vice President, Compass Lexecon
Florian Ermacora
Head of Unit, European Commission
Joachim Vanzetta
Chairman System Operations Committee, ENTSO-E
Juan Jose Alba Rios
Markets Committee Chairman, EURELECTRIC
Matthew Wittenstein
Energy Analyst, Gas, Coal and Power Markets Division, International Energy Agency
Just do it: network codes & transparency

The drafting of network codes is just the first milestone in the construction of the single European electricity market. The implementation of network codes is the crucial step that turns theory into reality. But implementation is complex as our experience has shown.

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Dirk Buschle
Deputy Director, Energy Community
Alberto Pototschnig
Director, ACER
Jan Ingwersen
General Manager, ENTSOG
Pascale Fonck
Market Committee Chair, ENTSO-E
Paul Giesbertz
Member of the Electricity Committee, EFET
Konstantin Staschus
Secretary-General, ENTSO-E
Your power - your grid: Europe’s power map

There is broad agreement in Brussels and Member States that more investments in transmission infrastructure are needed for market and RES integration. But the implementation of transmission projects remains a challenge.

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Seán Kelly
(EPP, Ireland) Member of ITRE, European Parliament
Gerald Kaendler
Vice President Asset Management, Amprion
Ryan McLaughlin
Head of European Electricity Markets, Ofgem
Tjark Bartels
District Administrator, Hameln-Pyrmont
Jan Vande Putte
Energy & Nuclear Campaigner, Greenpeace
Antonella Battaglini
CEO, Renewables Grid Initiative
Ultra-High Voltage Technology and Smart Grid Innovation for a World Energy Transition

Liu Zhenya, GEIDCO

Smart networks for smart cities

One way consumers can reap the benefits of the internal energy market is to become active in the market. How to manage & protect data? Who drives the change? What are the smart cities of today and tomorrow? These are the issues that the panel will address

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Ben Voorhorst
Vice-Chair of the Board, ENTSO-E
Monika Stajnarova
Senior Economic Officer, BEUC
João Torres
Chairman / CEO, EDSO for Smart Grids / EDP Distribuição, Portugal
Marie Donnelly
Director, European Commission
Alicia Carrasco
Director European Government Affairs, Tesla
Frauke Thies
Executive Director, Smart Energy Demand Coalition
Your Energy Union: Take it Home!

Closing remarks from the ENTSO-E Secretary-General.

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Konstantin Staschus
Secretary-General, ENTSO-E