Our programme

We have got an amazing programme of thought provoking talks and panels lined up for you. The difficult bit is deciding who you are going to ask the questions to? All the information on the sessions is provided below.

Bridging to Europe's Clean Energy Future

Ando Leppiman
Deputy Secretary General for Energy, Estonian Presidency
Miguel Arias Cañete
Commissioner for Climate action & Energy, European Commission
Garret Blaney
Chairman of the Board of Regulators, ACER
Ben Voorhorst
President, ENTSO-E
Grids and market for the energy union

What are obstacles to the internal energy market, and how to overcome them?

Krisjanis Karins
MEP, European Parliament
Bente Hagem
Chair of the Board, ENTSO-E
Luigi Michi
Head of Strategy and Development, Terna
Antonella Battaglini
CEO, Renewables Grid Initiative
Kristian Ruby
Secretary General, Eurelectric
Giles Dickson
CEO, WindEurope
Fabien Roques
Senior Vice President, Compass Lexecon
From Microgrids to Power cities

The panel gives the floor to microgrid developers and discusses the role of the transmission system operators in enabling clean cities for tomorrow. What does local mean? How does it relate to the full system?

Michael Walsh
Vice President and Managing Director, SmartWires
Fintan Slye
Chief Executive, EirGrid
Bouke Arends
Vice-Mayor, City of Emmen (NL)
Mechthild Wörsdörfer
DG ENER, Director for Renewables Research and Innovation
Ulla Sandborgh
CEO, Svenska kraftnät
Stew Horne
Citizens Advice, Head of Energy Regulation
Michael Walsh
Vice President and Managing Director, SmartWires
Power regions: regional between national and european

How should member states and TSOs cooperate regionally? What does ‘enhanced regional cooperation’ mean: what governance, what services in the next decade, to solve what?

Claude Turmes
MEP, European Parliament
Jean-Francois Gahungu
Alberto Pototschnig
Director, ACER
Klaus-Dieter Borchardt
Director Internal Energy Market, DG ENER
Leonardo Meeus
Energy Professor, Vlerick Business School and Florence School of Regulation
The Global Climate Action

Christian Zinglersen
Head of Secretariat, Clean Energy Ministerial (IEA)
Antonella Battaglini
CEO, Renewables Grid Initiative
Ben Voorhorst
President, ENTSO-E
Anna Leidreiter
Senior Programme Manager for Climate Energy and Cities, World Future Council
Cocktail & Walking Dinner

Dinner open to all participants


The Energy Union and the Climate Agenda: challenges and solutions

Is the European climate policy fit for purpose? What is the role of networks in preventing climate change?

Artur Runge-Metzger
Director Climate Strategy, DG CLIMA
Bruno Lajoie
Co-founder, Tomorrow
Bente Hagem
Chair of the Board, ENTSO-E
Antoine Moulet
Deputy President, Commission de régulation de l'énergie (FR)
Siobhan Hall
Senior Editor, Platts
A resilient grid: missing links and cybersecurity

This panel will discuss the resilience of Europe’s grid, what are the missing links and what rules are needed for cybersecurity.

Roberto Bayetti
Director for Security Architecture Model Management & Quality, California ISO
Rene Marchal
Senior manager Corporate Safety & Security, TenneT
Peter Vermaat
CEO/Chairman, Enexis/EDSO for Smart Grids
Anjos Nijk
Managing Director, European Network for Cyber Security
Laurent Schmitt
Secretary General, ENTSO-E
Digital connecting the dots of local, regional, European

What is the meaning of digital in the energy transition? This session will discuss how digital tools can enable evolutions such as sector coupling and e-mobility. How can digital connect the local, regional and European levels?

Kamila Kloc
Deputy Head of Cabinet, Cabinet of Commissioner Ansip
Taavi Veskimagi
Chairman of the Board / CEO, Elering
Kaja Kallas
MEP, European Parliament
Brice Fabry
Strategy & Ecosystem Director, Nissan Europe
Olivier Grabette
Director R&D Innovation, RTE
Kristen Panerali
Head of Electricity Industry, World Economic Forum
My Clean Energy next decade? Concluding e-voting

Susanne Nies
Corporate Affairs Manager, ENTSO-E
ENTSO-E Launch of the Energy Outlook

Laurent Schmitt
Secretary General, ENTSO-E