Robert Paprocki

Advisor to the Board at PSE S.A.

Robert has been for more than 20 years with PSE, Polish TSO. Currently he is the Advisor to the Board, previously for more than a decade was responsible for operational planning and real time operation of Polish power system. Before that he was dealing with electricity market implementation and its development as well as long term system planning. Throughout most of the time heavily involved in international activities, mainly inter TSO cooperation, being the member of numerous working and steering groups as well as convener of couple of them. Currently he is a member of ENTSOE Board, vice chairman of TSC Operational Advisory Board and member of Baltic CCR Steering Committee. Author and co-author of more than 40 papers concerning system planning, system operation and market related issues presented at the domestic and international conferences. Graduated from Warsaw University of Technology as an electrical engineer back in 1995. IEEE Senior Member.

Session III : The future energy system: a 2030 horizon (13/11)
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ENTSO-E Vision 2030 : A perspective from Markets, Operations and TSO-DSO