Connecting the dots of the energy transition: Local, national, regional, European, digital

Power grids are the key enablers of the energy transition, at the heart of the interaction between geographies, between sectors and between the physical and growing digital dimensions.

The digital layer developing on top of the physical power networks enables more variable renewables and new flexibility solutions with market-based service platforms. Microgrids are developing and having them network-based and linked to the wider system will allow maximisation of social welfare. E-Mobility is moving transport and power networks closer together. Smart houses and energy efficiency will see buildings play a new role in power systems. The customer and the market are to be at the heart of this fundamental change.

ENTSO-E’s Annual Conference - one of the key events on Brussels' energy scene - will address connections between geographies and sectors, between small and big. ENTSO-E will explain its own strategic vision and will invite prestigious speakers from the different parties involved to challenge and voice their own through a series of interviews, fish-bowls, e-voting and ping-pong sessions.

Several initiatives to boost inovation and diversity will also be announced.


5 - 6 December 2017


Hotel Plaza ‐ Boulevard Adolphe Max 118-126, 1000 Bruxelles

Representatives of EU institutions, ENTSO-E members, media and current students
can avail of a free ticket by contacting