Pascale Fonck

ENTSO-E Vice-Chair of the Board

Pascale Fonck has a PhD in applied mathematics (University Liège, 1993). From the start on of the electricity liberalisation process in Belgium, she is working for Elia (1999) and developed the tariff model for the use of transmission networks. She was in charge of different positions at Elia, mostly focusing on EU market integration projects and regulatory affairs. She is currently Chief Officer External Relations at Elia. She is currently the Vice-Chair of the Board of ENTSO-E.

Session I : Looking back for looking forward (13/11)
9:50 10:00

What have we achieved in the last decade?

Session III : The future energy system: a 2030 horizon (13/11)
14:30 14:35

ENTSO-E Vision 2030 : The Vision's key messages